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Welcome inside 

Our Green Backpack !

Hopefully after taking

a peek in this backpack,

you'll also put your boots on,

grab the keys and head outside!


Here we offer a place where

you’ll find information, motivation

and the proper gear

to help push you further

into nature’s direction.


Every month we take upon ourselves a different challenge.

Whether on foot, wheels, paddle, snowboard or kiteboard... we're out following the elements

and documenting the experience while raising our son.

We like to step out of our comfort zone and help others do the same.


Looking for trail suggestions, gear recommendations, trip itineraries, best campsites,

 or that perfect sunset spot? Click on our Notebook for

what really happened out there and the details from our expeditions!

With information, amazing visual content and tips, we'll help simplify your next adventure!  


Don't forget to check out our shop

all photos and original items were created as a direct result of our expeditions.

Not only that, 10% of all sales go directly to environmental organizations that are engaged in wildlife protection and nature conservation. 


We’re so happy you stopped by!

Enjoy your time and see you in the water, on the mountains or somewhere outside!

Copy of Our Green Backpack (2).png

Thank you! See you outside!

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