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August - Time to Kite


Sessions that will cause huge

smiles are guaranteed.

The plan...


Kiteboarding ! Our goal is to kite for at least 30 hours during the month of August. Let's see how many different kite spots we'll discover.  


It's summer time in the northern hemisphere. The stars aligned and gave us the opportunity to head to Les Îles de la Madeleine for work. We're beyond excited to discover this paradise!


Bruno and Leona will share the kites for the 30-hour total! Let's see how many days the wind will be blowing...


During the month of August, 2021. Temperatures should be pleasant and apparently some wind is guaranteed.


The enchanted Îles de la Madaleine, Qc, Canada. A huge variety of beaches and lagoons makes the place a true playground for kiteboarders. We'll try to explore as much as possible of the island and report back!

What really happened out there !

We were lucky! Or maybe we should say that we were at the right place at the right time. The beautiful island took good care of us! It was sunny, (most of the time) we had plenty of wind and unforgettable sessions. This challenge, August - Time to Kite definitely filled all of our desires and expectations. Much more than can be captured in a short paragraph!


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