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Downhill January

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The Plan...


We're going downhill! We plan to accumulate over 30,000 meters in elevation loss between us as we snowboard down the mountains of the region!


The season is on! The snow is here and the lifts are working! We're excited to surf the mountain with our snowboards. Plus, what better reason to head out into the cold?


Whenever possible, the three of us! Sometimes, two of us. Sometimes somebody will head out alone. Not N. He'll always be accompanied. ;-)


January, 2022. The snow has finally come to stay for a while. We're ready and so are the mountains! 


The season pass that we have gives us access to 5 different mountain in the Laurentians, Qc, Canada. That should offer a good variety, no? 

What really happened out there !

We were surprised by how many different conditions the mountains offered along the course of the month. From ice to powder and everything in between.

Incredible views, very few lines, night skiing and Noah learning on the mountain with us. So many memories were created from our 30,000 meter descent. 

Check it out!

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