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December Uphill


The Plan...


Let's go uphill! The challenge is to climb the equivalent elevation of Mount Logan - 5,959 meters - by the end of the month. That's the highest mountain in Canada!


We're ready to finish this incredible year with a bang!


Leona and Bruno will do it together and Noah will join as often as possible! 


December, 2021. The cold temperatures and snow  covered mountains will make the uphill climbs even harder.  


Most of the hikes will be done on a mountain near our house. We'll also head to some of the higher peaks of within the Laurentians Region of Quebec, Canada.  

What really happened out there!

One of our hardest challenges to date for sure.  It wasn't easy (and not always possible) to head out and accumulate the meters we needed to make this challenge happen. Random life situations (work, school closings, family visits etc.)  came up that made it difficult to hike every day. We had to make a huge effort during the last ten days of December to make it happen at all. When we finished this challenge, we were, to be honest,  very happy with the achievement, relieved that the month ended in success and well, a bit tired. :) It proved to be more challenging than we had imagined, but that only made it even more memorable!


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