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Sports in Nature

Life passes by so quickly; we get one chance at it. We want to use this chance to do what we love and what we’re passionate about! Being. Outside. So we challenge ourselves with outdoor adventure; we challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and insert that passion into our daily life.

If we skip a day, we are the only losers.

Have a look below - perhaps one of our challenges resonates with you? 

February on the Slopes


Time to let the little one play! This month will be dedicated to helping  Noah ski down the mountain independently . He's as excited as we are (maybe more)! Let's see what happens! 

logos 2022.png

Downhill January

PHOTO-2022-02-03-00-02-21 2.jpg

The chairlifts are working and it's time to use them!
30,000 meter vertical descent is the goal for the month. In other words, snowboarding and lots of it! This should be a fun one - stay tuned!

logos 2022 (1).png

December Uphill

december uphill.JPG

We decided to climb the equivalent height of the 
tallest mountain in Canada! 
(Over the course of the month). Have a look to see how we made it 

december Uphill.png

November Through the Lens


Same, same... but different!
Check out how the same spot changes throughout the month.

bolinhas-10 2.PNG

Steps of October


One foot after the other.
10.000 steps every single day during 30 consecutive days.
See how far we went!

bolinhas-9 2.PNG

 September Gone Bikin'


One of our favorites!
300km awaited us for this challenge and we biked them throughout the month.  Check out the paths and trails we found here!

bolinhas-5 3.PNG

August - Time to Kite


One month kiting 
off the grid in

Canada's kiteboarding paradise!
Check it out!


July on the Road


Road Trip Anyone?
We explored some of the gems
on Canada's east coast!
Open your window, and enjoy the ride - we have 3,000km to share with you here!


Floating through June


Paddling through lakes and rivers, we discovered
50km of Quebec's million waterways! Come see what we found!

Copy of Our Green Backpack-21.png

A Hike a Day in the Month of May


The three of us.
A different hike.
Every single day.

During 31 days.
Click to check out
where our boots took us!

hikes of may 21.png
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