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July on the Road


The Plan...


Getting on the road is one of the best ways to explore large distances and discover different landscapes. This month our goal is to drive 3000 km to reach spots the will feed our eyes with amazing views. And most importantly, we'll try to focus on the journey and not just the destination.


We spent over a year getting to know the Laurentians inside out. It's time to get on the road and check out more of this giant province of Quebec! 


The three of us. 


During the month of July, 2021. 


From the Laurentians, Qc to the capital of Canada, the beautiful Fjord du Saguenay and the little known

 Iles de la Madeleine! 

Fill the tank; we'll be hitting the road like crazy this month!

What really happened out there !

Nothing better than a road trip to bring the excitement to high levels. It isn't just about where we were going, but all that was involved to make it happen. After crossing many bridges, stretching our legs at gas stations and emergency stops to let the little one pee, we're ready to share these 3,000 kilometers with you.

Follow the tire tracks...


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