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November Through the Lens

nov 28-2.jpg

The Plan...


We'll head outside to the same spot, for 30 consecutive days to observe the transformation throughout the month. We'll document this change with a photo taken from the exactly same angle showing the beauty and change of each day. 


We needed a month that was less demanding physically but wanted to ensure that we still made it outside for a dedicated amount of time every single day. This was a fun way to make that happen.


Leona, our main photographer will be responsible for taking the photo every day!


November of 2021 as fall turns into winter. We're excited to see the changes in the landscape!


The Laurentians region of Quebec, specifically an area  known as the snow belt. There is a beautiful magical pond near our place that will be our chosen spot for all the photos throughout the month.

Mirror mirror on the wall...

What really happened out there !

We chose this challenge to give our bodies a slight rest from the previous month but still wanted to make sure we headed outside every day. And it was perfect. This challenge gave more than it took. It wasn't physically demanding but offered the reward of a moment to breathe in nature every day; watching her and her details transform as the seasons changed from fall to winter. The spot we chose was near where we live and has a special place in my heart which made it even better. Now we're ready and energized for next month!

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