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Our Green Backpack was born naturally by integrating our skills and desires. We’re a family documenting our lived life as we do what’s natural to us - being outside. 

Every day that passes we are more impressed by and connected to the incredible power of nature yet also aware of its fragility.

​So we go outside. 

We take our son outside. 

We recharge our batteries. 

The mere experience of being in nature, enough to keep our mind and spirit awake.

 Being active in nature; fuel for the body. 

Sports, whether kiteboarding, kayaking, biking, snowboarding or hiking are a means to getting to some of the more spectacular parts of this world and having fun while getting there.

We’ve been told we live an unconventional life, 

yet we are always questioning why ours is considered unconventional. ​

When did human connection to the outdoors become a weekend event? 

This lifelong project is a way for us to give back some of our energy to help others connect with nature; we consider this connection a key ingredient to maintaining wellness and calm in the current world reality. 

Our Green Backpack grew naturally from both Bruno and Leona’s love for exploring.

Bruno, a Brazilian born adventurer; Leona, an Israeli-born half Canadian mix

is a self prescribed nomad and explorer. Luckily, we get to be nomads together. 

Noah, an extension of us; a teacher and student, as we are,

on this awesome journey.

And as it turns out, this journey is taking place between subzero and tropical temperature. I suppose we like extremes.

Here you’ll find a story full of love, learning, action, nature

and incredible images of our time in the wild! ​

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