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Gone Bikin' September


The Plan...


Biking! With all the enchantment that autumn offers, we chose the bicycle to take us over 300 km of bike paths and trails to watch the seasons change from up close. 


Knowing that we are at one of the best place in the world to see the changing colors during the autumn, we chose biking as a way to see this phenomenon from as many angles as possible.


The three of us will do our best to be together for  most of the way!


During the month of September, 2021. The month where each mountain becomes a live painting.


Most of the distance will be covered on the L'ptit train du nord bike path. Of course - mountain biking trails will be ridden when that dose of forest air and adrenaline is needed!

What really happened out there !

When we finally bought a bike extension to be able to bike with Noah we were ready to head out for longer distances.

Well, that's what happened!

L'ptit Train du Nord is luckily, near our house. This bike path crosses an over 200km route from Ste Jerome to Mount Laurier in the Laurentians, Quebec! During this challenge we got to know half of it! We cycled through the change of temperatures, forests along the way and an incredibly well-maintained trail. We completed our goal and had a great time doing it with the wind blowing in our faces and many incredible views along the way. 

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