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Floating through June

The Plan...



Paddle! Lots of it! The plan is to complete a total of 50 km (or more!) of different paddles throughout the month of June. We’ll use whatever gear we have available that floats (canoe, kayak, or stand up paddle - SUP), sometimes borrowing equipment from friends or renting if necessary. 


It’s time to be on the water. We’re ready to paddle, float, rock and sway towards islands, bays and hidden beaches along the shores of Quebec. The temperatures are warmer, the sun is out and we can’t miss a day! Winter is just around the corner.


The three of us sharing paddles, taking turns and motivating each other! 


During the month of June, 2021. 


The entire region of the Laurentians, Qc, Canada offers an abundance of rivers and lakes. We’ve passed them by car many times and we’re  excited to paddle through some of them! 

What really happened out there !

This challenge exceeded our expectations. We got to discover so many amazing spots and

all... with a canoe! We learned some lessons too - luckily we had the help of some currents to push us through and make these 50 km possible. Exploring new places from the water gives them a whole other dimension and we're excited to do this again one day!

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