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A Hike a Day in the Month of May


No excuses, we'll hike every day throughout the month!

The Plan...


Hiking! Lots of it! The plan is to complete a total of 100 km (or more!) of different hikes throughout the month of May. Different mountains, around lakes and of course in the middle of the forest. 


We're excited to see the beauty found in trails after a long winter! With the beginning of spring and temperatures rising, wildlife is exploding, countless species of plants show their greenest green. Hungry animals delight in all the scents and opportunities that come with the sun and hopefully we'll get to see a few. 

Lots of stories and awesome photos are waiting for us.


Rain or shine, the three of us will go out every day! 


During the month of May, 2021. There's no time like Spring!


The Laurentians, Qc, Canada. We'll explore a

new trail every day to have an

amazing selection to share from :) 

What really happened out there !

This challenge exceeded any and all of our expectations! Getting outside to hike every single day, seeing new places EVERY DAY and doing it as a family was incredibly rewarding. All the small details - finding different trails, the war against the black flies, occasional rain  and a bit of soreness at the end of the day were all compensated by the incredible views,  and that feeling of being  lost in the mountains.  

DSC_5789 copy.jpg

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