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Steps of October


The Plan...


Steps! And more steps. To be specific, our plan for this month is to do 10,000 steps each day for 30 days in a row. We can reach this number of steps by running, hiking, walking on the road or even playing tag. 


We like to walk. Since our challenge 'A Hike a Day in the Month of May', we always get nostalgic about how nice it was. Also, Leona got her first smart watch and we were excited to try it out!


Leona and Bruno will have to track the steps, but Noah will definitely be helping us by making it more fun with races and games along the way.


October of 2021. During Autumn's peak, when all the trails become a single path with a colorful carpet of  leaves covering all the holes and rocks along the way.


The are no rules here. We can run, walk, head to the trails or just do some loops around the house. As long as we reach the daily 10k step goal!

What really happened out there !

This challenge ended up being a real... well, challenge! With the minimum distance walked in one single day surpassing 7.8 kilometers we were definitely walking more than we had expected! Still, the autumn views never got boring and by the end of the month our bodies felt stronger and ready for bigger challenges!  


Check out to see how it went!

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