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August - Time to Kite
2 edition


The Plan...


We have a big stream nearby our place. it's one of our favorite spot around the region. but to be honest, it's not that easy to go there, at least not the whole 


No time like the present to learn a new sport! Noah has shown excitement at learning winter sports and we just want to give him the tools to get there! 


It's Noah's turn! With the assistance of professional ski instructors (and us following behind),

he'll be in great hands!


February, 2022. We will organize our schedule according to Noah's classes and time on the mountain. Can't wait!  


Sommet Saint Saveur, Mt Olympia, Mt Gabriel, Morin Heights and Vallée Bleu - in the Laurentians, Qc, Canada. 

What really happened out there !

What a month! From the magic carpet to getting down the bunny slopes, he did it! Noah was as excited as we were for every lesson and experience he had on mountain. There were days when getting the gear on was slightly more challenging and others where the winds were so strong Noah almost got pushed up the hill. But every day was a learning experience and by the end of the month he skied independently down the mountain! It's an incredible feeling to know that we'll be able to have skiing as another sport to enjoy together! We're ready for next season!

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