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Latitudes of March


The Plan...


Knowing that we will be traveling during this month, we decided to do one hike in each latitude that we will be passing. It will be nice to see the difference about temperature and vegetation.


We are heading to Brazil to spend the wind season in warm waters. but first we a quick trip to USA to see loved people.   


the whole family is into this challenge. 


March of  2022. The month will be very busy with packing, bureaucracy of documents, putting the house in order and others unexpected things 


The first trail will be in Connecticut, USA. Second latitude will be in Quebec, Canada. Third will be in the south hemisphere in the state of Piauí, Brazil

What really happened out there !

This was a busy month. Between work, school, packing and travels, but we found some time to do three hike in three different countries.

The first hike was in Connecticut, USA, where we could get a very thin sheet of ice mixed with mud, what clear shows the end of winter in that region. An awesome view point made possible to see the lake half melted, a vineyard and some white pics. 

second hike was our favorite hike. located in saint agathe, quebec , canada, we had the chance to 


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