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A 4 Day Camping Itinerary in the spectacular Fjord du Saguenay

What Really Happened Out There!

This place, without a doubt, captured our hearts.

The views here are so intense they reminded me of earth’s creation, the sandy beaches made us forget where we were and allowed us to be isolated enough to feel the wild around!

This was our second time in the Saguenay Fjord and this time we knew which campsite to book for the best views. So our expectations were high. And honestly? They were more than exceeded. Our campsite overlooked the massive bay; we arrived for a picture perfect sunset and had to set up camp in the dark. We were so happy to be there that it didn't matter. Especially when we woke up the next morning to the incredible scene in front of the tent.

Every day was a gift here - we were free to roam and wander the beach, to explore the river mouth when the tide was lower, watch migrating birds in their nesting grounds, and just immerse ourselves in this Canadian wilderness paradise.

You can probably stay at your campsite and the beach in front of it for your whole trip and be quite happy (at least we were!), but there are also plenty of activities to check out in this incredible park. Here's an easy 4-day itinerary for those of you who are camping with kids!

Note: We recommend not creating a busy schedule with kids! Enjoy the actual camping experience with them – Organizing the site together, getting ready for meals and the wonders of cooking amongst the trees! We usually do one activity per day to give us plenty of time to enjoy the beach and the experience of being at the campsite.

When you are ready to finally head out, here are some suggestions…

Day 1: Arrival and fun on the beach in front of your campsite! Go explore in all directions. The beach has different views depending upon which direction you choose :)

Day 2: An easy hike to do with kids: ‘Sentier Le Fjord, a 6km easy walk (also accessible by bike) for beautiful views of the Fjord. This hike is accessible directly from the campsites. Just keep walking!

If you want to stay outside but take a slight break from the camping routine..

Day 3: Option 1: Whale watching and a visit to Taddoussac

So many people ask, is the whale watching tour worth it? Well, we think it definitely is! Just make sure you dress warmly! You can see whales anytime from May to November. We went at the end of July and saw so many whales that we couldn't keep up! From Belugas, to Mink whales, and Humpback whales, we saw them all! We even saw a few seals playing and floating near the boat. The boat had all the conveniences you might need, including bathrooms, a small store and kiosque with food. (Limited options for vegetarians...)

Whale watching was definitely one of our highlights :)

After the tour, you can stroll around the town and shops - there are some worthy souvenirs if you like that kind of thing. We each got a sweatshirt as a way to remember our beautiful time in Saguenay!

Tips: book your tour in advance. You can either go on a 'zodiac' (smaller, faster option but also wetter! Not recommended for young children) or a bigger boat. There are a few tour companies to choose from. We went with Croisieres AML Tadoussac and had a great experience.

Or, if you're not keen on spending a few hours on a boat...

Option 2:

Visit a farm – It gives young children a more tangible experience of connecting with animals and a slight retreat from nature’s elements.

Our suggestion: Ferme 5 Etoiles, a medium-size farm with an array of animals, including a rescued moose and bison!

Day 4: Morning on the beach, packing up and heading home!

Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Quebec. I don't use this word lightly because I know how much beauty and magical spots Quebec has to offer. But still. There is an incredible feeling of being in the wild here; immersed in nature's arms and exposed to her untamed self. From mountains to rivers and the incredible views offered by the Fjord, this is a camping trip you won't ever forget!

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