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Camping On The River at Hautes-Gorges National Park, Quebec

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

After three days with the crazy noise of wind at the top of the mountain at the campsite Arthabaska, it was time to reconnect to the peaceful river sounds.

Day 1

We arrived at Parc Nacional du Haute Gorges and went straight to grab the maps at the visitor center to figure out our activities for the few days we had there.

The site of the visitor's center was stunning! A very deep valley and just so. much. water!

Once we got to the campsite we took a moment to take it all in! We were so happy with the spot. It's not every day that we can sleep 10 meters from a river. The space was quite big for N. to play freely, we had an incredible view, the temperature was very pleasant and also, we really were surrounded by woods. (During the day an occasional hiker walked by, but at night we truly felt isolated.) It was a treat to have this spot, protected by the trees and of course... we had many options all around to hang ropes which turned into a mini jungle gym for N. The ground was flat, perfect for the tent, no rocks and right next to us, the best fresh water in full supply!

Day 2

Without rushing ourselves, we decided to have a walk along the river.

(Anyone who has a toddler knows that rushing is not an option if you want to have a peaceful home life!) It was a long but easy trail with really cool spots to go on the rocks to see the current flowing by.

After our activity of the day, we relaxed, took in some of the end of the day sunlight, had a sponge bath in the river and enjoyed good food by the fire. It's quite amazing to watch how N simply adapts to each new campsite, each new 'home'. When we get back from the day's activity, he clearly enjoys having some quiet time with his selection of toys, whatever sticks or stones he encounters and himself.

Being outside always creates the possibility to see animals. In outdoor space (be it an urban park or a forest in the middle of nowhere) open your eyes and ears, and look around. There is always someone who's looking back at you :). Lucky for us, we got to see these guys and they definitely made our days more beautiful.

Day 3

Before packing up everything to hit the road toward our next campground, we took a quick walk and enjoyed, quite literally, jumping around at one view point nearby.

According to our plan, we had to start breaking down the tent and campsite at least 1:30 hours before the designated time to leave. (With most Sepaq campsites, you must be out by 3pm.) I think we did a pretty good job :). Have a look at the video right here! -->

Our last day in Haute Gorges left us wanting more. More trails, more visits to the river, more woodpeckers pecking away at the trees. There are so many trails and other activities such as kayaking and biking (available for rent if you didn't bring your own). Reminding ourselves that this was just a 'taste test' camping trip - next time we'd have more time... we just needed to figure out when we'll be able to get back and explore more of this gorgeous place.

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